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Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve

What makes it so spectacular is that all these birds can be seen from land, as close as 10 meters away.

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Cape St. Mary's is one of the largest seabird rookeries in the world. During the breeding season, it is home to 24,000 Northern gannet, 20,000 black-legged kittiwake, 20,000 common murre, and 2,000 thick-billed murre. In addition, more than 100 pairs of razorbill, more than 60 pairs of black guillemot, plus double-crested and great cormorant, and Northern fulmar nest there.

You will walk meadows above magnificent cliffs to arrive at the edge of a sea stack covered in gannets and look down to waves crashing on rocks 100 meters below, while birds sour and circle on the currents above and below you.

seabirdThe scenic views of this area has been immortalized in the Newfoundland folk song "Let Me Fish off Cape St. Mary's" recorded by a well known local band, The Irish Descendants.

Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve -

The Cape St. Mary's Performance Series with music, storytelling, readings, sounds and visual arts.


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