Rosedale Manor Bed and Breakfast

Avalon Penninsula

The Avalon Region is the south eastern corner of Newfoundland.

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map of avalon penninsula

The Cape Spear National Historic Site is the eastern most part of North America. This irregular-shaped peninsula once was a part of the European continent that drifted westward 400 million years ago. Settlers from England and Ireland began fishing and farming here in the 1600s. The Avalon is filled with historic landmarks and tales of the early adventurers who first arrived in this beautiful area. The museums and historic sites bring this Canadian history to life.

Rugged rocks line the shores and friendly pubs filled with cheer and music line the streets. It's a place where you can see and photograph seabird colonies, icebergs, whales or herds of caribou.

Points of interest on Avalon peninsula

Some of the towns/villages in this region include:

Rosedale Manor Bed and Breakfast is located on the waterfront of Placentia.


Rosedale Manor Bed and Breakfast
40 Orcan Drive, Placentia, Newfoundland Canada
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